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Preventive Dentistry

“Preventive dentistry” is the general term for dental-care related procedures and treatments that are designed to help prevent and halt the progression of oral disease. Ideally, the preventive dental care routine of daily cleaning should start when a child develops his or her first tooth. The earlier the child’s dental visit with a pediatric dentist, the greater the chance of preventing oral disease and producing a cavity-free smile. At Shodhan Dentistry in Desert Hot Springs, Dr. Harin Shodhan and Dr. Keyur Shodhan commonly treat individuals with preventive dentistry procedures. In order to be proactive about your oral health, it is important that you regularly receive these preventive dentistry treatments during your routine visits with our dentists:

  • Routine cleaning: Involves the removal of dental plaque with the intent of preventing cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease
  • Flossing: A thin, plastic or silk-like ribbon used to remove food particles and dental plaque from teeth
  • Sealants: Thin, plastic coatings applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from developing tooth decay
  • Fluoride treatment: A natural mineral compound that is usually applied topically to the teeth to help prevent tooth decay

Just as important as it is for children to visit a pediatric dentist early on, adults are also encouraged to protect their oral health by regularly visiting a general dentistry professional. It may be easy to overlook the importance of seeing a dental practitioner when your teeth and gums appear and feel perfectly healthy, but no one wants to see the dentist when pain has already settled in! Preventive dentistry not only helps to stop pain before it begins, it also helps the patient avoid having to undergo a costly, invasive procedure for a serious dental condition.


To schedule your initial, oral exam with Dr. Harin Shodhan or Dr. Keyur Shodhan, please call (760) 251-2666. We are proud to serve all surrounding areas, such as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Coachella Valley.

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